Build A Product And Launch In 30 Days With Just HTML And CSS

Hi! I'm Lucian, a FE dev passionate about creating HTML templates. I am starting a tweet series about how I build a product and launch it in 30 days with just HTML and CSS.

The product will be an HTML templates website where I publish my work and convert the value I can offer in $.

In this tweet series I am going to present my progress, challenges and results with full transparency on my actions and the reasoning behind them.

The point is to prove you can create useful products that people will pay for with just the first stage of web development which is HTML and CSS and some design skills.

Challenge completed, project launched on templatesurf.com tweets journal below

Working on How To Create And Sell HTML Templates ebook. Details in my Twitter profile or on the Gumroad page

Day 1 of #launchin30

Project objectives:
-> Update 16 of my paid templates to BS5 and improve quality
-> Make 3 high value tweets per day until the launch
-> Launch via Twitter on day 30 which is 21 Oct
-> $1000 in sales for the launch week
Let's make it happen

Day 2 of #launchin30HTML

-> Project start tweet brought in +500 followers in 2 days
-> Created launchin30html.carrd.co for sharing on other social
-> Devto post 900 views 54 interactions
-> IH post 237 views 15 interactions
-> Hashnode post 407 views 66 interactions

Day 3 of #launchin30HTML

I continue to receive encouragements from visitors reading the project-start blog posts. Also a few said they are inspired to start similar projects. People are awesome. I started work on the first template from the 16
Happy but need to pick up speed

Day 4 of #launchin30HTML

The first template is coming along nicely. The conversion to Bootstrap 5 takes a lot of time because I need to rewrite components like unordered-lists and the accordion you see in the shot.
Feeling: behind schedule

Day 5 of #launchin30HTML

Gave Reddit a tour de force today. It's useful, brings in engagement but you need to be prepared for a lot more haters hiding behind anonymity. Posted in r/SideProject r/IMadeThis r/EntrepreneurRideAlong r/sweatystartup r/indiebiz r/Frontend/ 👇

Day 6 of #launchin30HTML

-> Bought Carrd Pro and installed Google Analytics on project presentation site
-> Needs 48h to gather visitors data
-> Enjoyed awesome shout out from Hashnode
-> Continued work on template 1 it's a biggie
Feeling: excited for the support received

Day 7 of #launchin30HTML

First HTML template is completed. It's huge and packed with sections and components: rotating text, modal, statistics numbers, tabbed content, accordion, filterable grid, slider, progress bars, dropdown menu, extra pages, everything I could throw at it

Day 8 of #launchin30HTML

-> Almost reached 1000 new followers since I started the project
-> The carrd site I've setup has an average of 50 vis/day
-> Completed the 1st HTML template and working on the 2nd one
-> Received quite a few cool messages from people inspired by this

How to regret sticking to a CSS framework for too long
-> Build 60 templates and publish on your website
-> Build 20 templates for marketplaces
-> Try updating from BS4 to BS5
Day 9 of #launchin30HTML

Completed work on the 2nd HTML template which is designed for mobile app landing pages.
Day 10 of #launchin30HTML

Started work on a new HTML template based on illustration design.
Day 11 of #launchin30HTML

Just completed the 3rd template as part of the "Build a product and launch in 30 days with just HTML and CSS" project.
Day 12 of #launchin30HTML

Stats from my launchin30HTML.carrd.co site which is only a week old. Peers are interested in creating products with just HTML and CSS.
Day 13 of #launchin30HTML

The Carrd website that I've setup for my #launchin30HTML project brought in a total of 350 visitors and 20 email subscribers in just 1 week for 1h of work and $0 cost

How to promote your product, service or idea for free
-> Create basic Mailchimp account for subscribers $0
-> Build a Carrd website hosting + subdomain $0
-> Place the Carrd site in your Twitter profile
-> Be constructively active on Twitter
-> Check Mailchimp in 2 weeks
Try it

New HTML template is ready for the launch. It's called Tivo and I've designed it to work best for SaaS app landing pages.
Day 14 of #launchin30HTML

Some days are just about good ol' honest hard work. This was one of them and I loved hacking away at HTML and CSS to bring my web designs to life.
Day 15 of #launchin30HTML

My previous project Inovatik.com has grown into an amazing free HTML templates resource for the dev and makers community with over 500 vis/day. Now I'm building a paid product and launching it in 14 days with just HTML & CSS. All transparently to inspire you

VS Code, HTML, CSS are my playground. I would still do it with $1mil in my bank account. They're like second nature for me. If I don't code FE I don't feel good. And when I do I feel at home
Day 16 of #launchin30HTML

Power tip for quickly starting to make HTML templates. Download and study one of my free ones

Imagine your own subject and create the story. Modify components, change sections, update the color scheme, include new images.

And before you know it you have your own HTML template

New HTML template is ready to join the pack for the product I am working on. Designed for a bold startup or small business
Day 17 of #launchin30HTML

Discover details about my journey to halfway of Build a Product and Launch in 30 Days with Just HTML and CSS in my Hashnode article
Day 18 of #launchin30HTML

You don't need a smart domain name, tons of content, ads or SEO to get from 0 to 125 vis/day for a basic website online for just 2 weeks. You just need to make it, publish 2 blog posts, create good content on Twitter and place the link in your profile. All for $0
Day 19 of #launchin30HTML

New HTML template ready to join the gang made for portfolio websites
Day 20 of #launchin30HTML

Ditched the domain name I already owned and decided to buy a brand spanking new one for my HTML CSS project. It's funky, you will love it.
Day 21 of #launchin30HTML

You can tag and DM me on Twitter from now using @luciantartea I've moved all my communication to this account because I want to step back from identifying myself with my projects. This is the account I will use to connect with you.

Objectives of my #launchin30HTML
-> Make 10 high quality HTML templates
-> Provide value through 3 daily tweets
-> Launch site on Twitter on 21st Oct

-> $1000 total sales in the launch week

To do
-> 4 more HTML templates
-> Find good hosting
-> The website
-> Marketing

New HTML template joins the crew, great for video courses websites
Day 22 of #launchin30HTML

Best websites that help you sell HTML templates and have you covered for payment and delivery systems:

-> Gumroad the easiest to start but needs your own exposure
-> Creative Market easy to start and has good exposure
-> ThemeForest difficult to start, great exposure

Just completed this illustration style HTML template, it's a great foundation for software startup presentation websites.
Day 23 of #launchin30HTML

HTML templates dev roadmap

1/4 Learn Skills:
-> English, I assume you know it if you read this
-> Coding HTML, CSS, frameworks are optional
-> Image editing Photoshop, Illustrator or Figma
-> Audience growth on Twitter or other socials

They will help you in anything tech related

HTML templates dev roadmap

2/4 Grow Audience:
-> Start personal Twitter acc
-> Real name, photo, authentic profile
-> Engage all account sizes with comments
-> Be positively constructive not annoying
-> Test what content works for you
-> Design, coding, resources

Be consistent

HTML templates dev roadmap

3/4 Make Templates:
-> Find your niche: LPs, ecommerce, dashboards
-> Study free & paid templates for best practices
-> Check popular design trends on Dribbble
-> Follow A to Z build tutorials on YT & Udemy
-> Make your own versions of the projects


HTML templates dev roadmap

4/4 Start Selling:
-> Begin with Creative Market & Gumroad
-> Create website to promote Gumroad items
-> Get on ThemeForest if you have determination
-> Use the same items don't bother with exclusivity
-> Commission: GUM 9%, CM 50%, TF 55%

Love your users
Day 24 of #launchin30HTML

Just completed a new HTML template for the product I am working on. It's a great foundation for startup presentation websites
Day 25 of #launchin30HTML

Thoughts on platforms with dev audiences that I've tried:
1. Devto brought in the biggest traffic, engagement and follower numbers
2. Hashnode brought some traffic, engagement and might work for longer term projects
3. IndieHackers brought lowest numbers and is marketing oriented

Communities that embraced the "Build with just HTML and CSS" project and fueled my motivation to walk this journey: Twitter, Dev.to, Reddit
Day 26 of #launchin30HTML

Creating HTML templates as free or paid downloads can get you good freelance work inquiries for web development services. I get them sometimes even without promoting such services.

Completed the design for the templates presentation website in Photoshop and it looks pretty neat. Now off to coding in just HTML and CSS. I am so excited to reveal it on Thursday
Day 27 of #launchin30HTML

Solved webmaster tasks today like buying hosting from Bluehost for $70/year and connecting it to my domain and enable SSL.

Also finished to code the static HTML website which will have 3 pages holding Live Preview and Gumroad purchase links.
Day 28 of #launchin30HTML

Basic SEO for HTML website launches:

-> Page title, meta description, OG meta tags
-> OG meta image that will be seen in social posts
-> Keywords in text content and image alt tags
-> Search Console for sitemap indexing
-> Google Analytics for statistics

Day 29 of #launchin30HTML

1K total visitors on the project website. 1K views for my last Dev.to article made to push the #launchin30HTML project.

Twitter, Dev.to and Reddit have the most interest and support for HTML template making from my recent experience.

Working full speed on the 10th and last HTML template part of the product I will launch tomorrow made with just HTML and CSS
Day 29 of #launchin30HTML

Day 30 - Launch Day

You followed along my journey of building a product and launching it in 30 days with just HTML and CSS.

This is day 30 and I am excited to announce that my HTML templates product is now live on:


Achieved 3000 visitors, 19 sales and $285 in 5 days from launch. All passive recurring income from a product built with just HTML and CSS

In 10 days from going live, my product based on just HTML and CSS, templatesurf.com generated 4300 visitors, 31 sales and $465

Working on How To Create And Sell HTML Templates ebook. Details in my Twitter profile or on the Gumroad page